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Actor Zach Hennessey Talks New Clothing Line

Written by Allysia Britton

Actor and Social Media Influencer Zach Hennessey is set to launch his own clothing line. The Daily Fern caught up with the young star, to learn more about this new endeavor.

The Daily Fern: You have been acting since you were just nine years old. Can you tell us what got you interested in this industry?

Zach Hennessey: I was a big fan of the TV show The Walking Dead when I was a kid. I remember all my friends coming to school talking about how awesome that show was. I also remember that there was a character, not much older than me, at the time who was one of the lead roles. His name was Chandler Riggs and he played the character Carl who would fight Zombies. I wanted to be Carl and I even got to meet him at the Walker Stalker conference. My mom asked him how he got started and he put me in touch with a few people and the rest is history. The Daily Fern: do you prefer on-camera acting or theatre? And why?

Zach Hennessey: I prefer on-camera acting over theatre. I cannot sing or dance very well and if you mess up, you do not have a live audience staring at you. However, I have a lot of respect for those actors who perform on stage or on Broadway. The Daily Fern: do you have any hobbies outside of acting ?

Zach Hennessey: I am a sneaker head. When I am not acting, you can find me on Fairfax buying and selling sneakers. I probably have over 200 pairs of sneakers ranging from $50 all the way up to $2,000. The Daily Fern: what is your hope for the future ? Would you like to stay in acting ? Or explore other industries ?

Zach Hennessey: My goal is to become a successful actor, but I am also an entrepreneur at heart. In fact, I am getting ready to launch my first business called Funk House which will sell my own clothing line. We are getting ready to launch in 2021. The Daily Fern: how have you been spending time during the pandemic ? Take on any new interests in quarantine ?

Zach Hennessey: The most exciting thing is that I got my permit and my parents bought be a 2016 Mini Coop. I love driving and am going to be taking my road test too. Once I pass that I will have my freedom and can go wherever I want without having to ask my parents for a ride.

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