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Actor, Singer Eric Schuett Talks Life, Work and Quarantine

While the majority of the country remains closed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, artists across the country are using this time to perfect their craft. The Daily Fern recently had the opportunity to speak with Broadway actor and singer, Eric Schuett, to hear how he's been handling the extra time at home.

The Daily Fern: You are both a theatre and on-screen actor, how old were you when you first started acting, and what inspired you to join the industry?

Eric Schuett: As far back as kindergarten, my teachers said I was full of energy and loved to entertain. I went to a local theatre company in Florida StarStruck, and I was hooked. After training several years by 11, we relocated to NYC as my vocal coach said I showed great promise. After a month in NYC, I had booked two operas and a National Tour. I signed with a top NYC Agent, Innovative Artists and the rest is history. The Daily Fern: Are you currently working on any projects, and if so, what can you tell us about it?

Eric Schuett:I am working on an at home web series right now with a few of my friends and auditioning. I am also collaborating with a songwriter and writing a few original songs to record. The Daily Fern: Do you have any special techniques for remembering your lines?

Eric Schuett: I realized several years ago I had the gift of photographic memory. When I was working on a script, I found that I could read it once and have the words down. It makes it much easier to then put the rest of the work into the scene. The Daily Fern: how have you been staying occupied during these stay-at-home orders?

Eric Schuett: The stay at home order is difficult for me. I was in school 5 days a week, training in NY daily plus attend Juilliard precollege every Saturday so I went from being nonstop busy to home. I am doing everything online now and continuing training over zoom. I am now able to work on my piano skills. I had no idea I could play by ear before the shutdown. I know it is better to be safe and this will pass. The Daily Fern: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to pursue a similar career path?

Eric Schuett: Train, train, train. Know your type, and building relationships are most important. Worry about no one but yourself and what you're doing. You won't fit every part if you don't get the part it does not mean you did anything wrong. Be on time and easy to work with. Be open to suggestions and be flexible. Stay positive and never give up.

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