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Caleb Lovely Talks New Upcoming Single 'With Him Tonight'

Singer and songwriter Caleb Lovely is set to release a new single, 'With Him Tonight' on July 3rd. The Daily Fern caught up with the star, to hear about his newest music and upcoming single.

The Daily Fern: You released a single earlier this year titled "Oh my goodness", what can you tell us about this song? What was the inspiration behind it?

Caleb Lovely: Oh my goodness was such a fantastic experience! I recorded it at treasure Isle studios in the heart of Berry Hill Nashville Tennessee. I partnered with a pro audio brand Warm Audio for the recording and through them I was able to get some A-list session players on it and we tracked it all live with producer & engineer Joe Carrell at the helm. We were all able to execute my vision from the demo perfectly. It absolutely gives me Keith Urban’s golden road vibes. All my favorite parts about the song from it’s infectious hook to the guitar solo I played on an old telecaster. It felt amazing and I’ve never looked back. 

The Daily Fern: Comparing your two singles "Oh my goodness" and "Smile", I notice they have pretty different sounds. One is newer country while the other is pop, what kind of sound can we expect in your upcoming single "With him tonight"?

Caleb Lovely: I’m so glad you asked that question! I wrote smile with my wife Madison and my friend Blake Rackley. If I’m being honest that demo was such a gem for Madison and I. We were cruising around Franklin Tennessee late at night with the windows down jamming it, and since then it was always on my heart and mind to get it recorded. I’ve had to stop judging my sound and realize that I love all different genres.. though my heart is with country music I was raised on Pop music heavily. It doesn’t matter the genre for me as long as I’m making undeniable music and I truly believe both of these songs are. The cool thing about smile is that I tracked the bass and drums with Jacob Lowery and Scott Williamson at treasure Isle recording studio with Joe Carrell and then I took those stems home to my personal studio and was able to record everything else there. I had my boy Darius Mines lay down some of those Bruno Mars-esque synth lines too!  Again the guitar solo is one of my favorites because I actually used two different guitars for the first and later half of the solo; a 1962 fender Stratocaster for the first part and a 1964 strat finished her off. To me, it came out timeless. Thank you for listening! The Daily Fern: When can we expect your newest single to drop?

Caleb Lovely: The new single will be released into the world on July 3rd on every streaming platform and I couldn’t be more excited. You can follow me on Instagram to keep up with all new releases and updates!  The Daily Fern: Are you currently working on any other projects, and if so, can you tell us a little about it?

Caleb Lovely: I’m constantly working on music. It’s what I live and breathe. I will be releasing a new single each month and then eventually a full EP. I’ll always be working.  The Daily Fern: What led you to a life in music? Caleb Lovely: I’ll never forget around nine years old I saw Lenny Kravitz playing a Gibson Les Paul on MTV and I started begging my dad for a guitar. Living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania we would often go to media stories like Sam Goody and MediaPlay. They had a guitar section and I would spend ALL of my time in that part of the store, looking, dreaming, tinkering. Almost every time from 9-11 years old I would leave the store crying because my dad said “I’d never stick with it” I would reply “I’m gonna grow up and be a successful rockstar and buy all of my own guitars, just you wait”   Literally 24 hours later from that conversation was my 12th birthday.. and my dad had bought me my first guitar.. a deep blue fender strat with a rosewood neck. The first thing I did was strap it on, crank up my boom box cueing Lenny Kravitz’ “are you gonna go my way” and proceeded jumping up and down on the bed with sunglasses on. The rest is history. I never had a specific instance where I thought “man! I’m gonna be a singer for a living!!” Ha! It was just a natural progression. I still haven’t had the conversation with myself about doing this full time.. though it’s been almost a decade in! Music is the only thing that has always made sense to me. I’ve built my life around it since I was a kid, so I wouldn’t say there was really a conscious decision or motive behind it. It’s just who I’ve always been.  The Daily Fern: When you're not making music, what other things can we find you doing? Caleb Lovely: My favorite place to unwind is an alpaca farm in franklin Tennessee. They are my favorite animal and I spend as much time there as possible. It’s the best therapy I never paid for.

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This article was written by Allysia Britton

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