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Check Out Our Fave Five Shops on Etsy

Shopping small is all the rage! Buying hand crafted goods and items that are personalized to each individual is becoming more and more popular, especially among the younger crowds. Not only are you getting something made with love and care when you shop small, you are helping to support artist and creators as they pursue their dreams.

I have been shopping on Etsy and Instagram stores since 2012, and I am here to share some of my favorite shops with you!

Siraclectic is a small home business run by a young woman of color, Sira. Sira does it all when it comes to her business from product to packaging. She specializes in macramé and is a boss at tying knots in rope! From earrings to coasters to plant hangers the sky is the limit. Her rope is high quality and whatever you order will be perfect down to the last detail. Sira is currently taking orders through her Instagram where she shares her latest product and he journey with macramé.

MapleMood is a newer business only starting up last year, they are run by owner Kat out of Washington state and specialize in cushion cover and apparel. This is my latest find they are a smaller shop but the quality was amazing and shipping was quick! As of right now I only have a shirt but will be purchasing some cushion covers next. Check out MapleMood on Etsy or over on Instagram.

WickyWicky Candle Co has been in operation since 20017 and focus on specialty candles. All of their candles are hand poured soy wax made in Delaware. While they offer traditional scents such as apples and cookies they offer scents based off of books, television and movies as well. Make sure you follow them on Instagram as well to track when they have specials and sales follow them on Etsy and Instagram.

Bee’s Stitch is a small business based out of New Jersey , the store specializes in crocheted items but also offer other items in their shop such as buttons a coasters. They make super trendy crochet bralette and I will for sure be picking one up for the Summer months. Make sure to check them out on Etsy at Bees Stitch and see the latest project on Instagram.

ShopatBash is the largest shop to make this list but they truly offer great deals especially for personalized items. Whether you are shopping for casual everyday wear or need something for a birthday or other special event shop at bash will have what you need! Check out their shirts, party favors and hats! Find them on Etsy at ShopAtBash or on Instagram.

Shopping small and supporting independent business will not only get you the latest trends and best quality stuff it will also help support artist and creators! So before you make your next purchase consider checking out some Instagram and Etsy business before heading to retail stores.

This article was written by Felicia Vasquez

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