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From Australia to L.A.: Getting to Know Actress Kya Stewart

Australian writer and actress Kya Stewart just wrapped up filming her first international film role. The daily fern caught up with the rising star to talk about the project, and other films in the works.

The Daily Fern: You are an actress who has worked on several short films. What inspired you to become an actress?

Kya Stewart: I did my first play when I was just seven years old. I fell in love with acting my very first night up on that stage. It’s crazy to think about sometimes, because I was so young but I honestly think you know when you know.

I will never forget the feeling that I had up on the stage that night. I played the King in the Christmas story, which is both hilarious and cute. The rest is history from there.

Despite loving it so much and finding it fun, when I got older and decided that I wanted to pursue acting as a professional career, it was mostly due to a love for telling stories. Being able to play other people, walk in their shoes and make people feel something is an amazing gift. And feeling.

I truly believe that movies can change lives, as they have for me in the past. I want to be able to do that for someone else as well.

My wish is to change the World through truth and art, and that’s what keeps me going to this day.

The Daily Fern: Are you currently working on any new projects? And if so, what can you tell us about them?

Kya Stewart: Yes I am! I’m very excited to have just finished shooting my first International role in the feature film Risen.

Risen is a science-fiction thriller written and directed by Eddie Arya.

I play a biologist named Rachel Stermon who is responsible for discovering life from other planets. Risen is due to be released late this year.

I am also currently in pre-production for my very own short film, Cognitive.

Cognitive is a psychological drama about a young woman who must face the demons from her past. I co-wrote it and am also playing the lead role of Abbie.

I’m negotiating contracts as we speak with some amazing talent, which is very exciting!

The Daily Fern: You starred in the 2019 film ‘Black Heart Red Hands’, which has been receiving several awards. Can you tell us about the project and your role in the film?

Kya Stewart: Yes, I was lucky enough to play Susie, one of the lead roles in the thriller that was directed by Russel Southam.

Susie is an English backpacker who ventures on a camping trip with her girlfriend and six other friends. While I cant reveal too much just yet (it’s still making its way through the International festival circuit) the group of friends come across some very interesting and dangerous challenges.

The film was a lot of fun to work on and I am so happy to see it getting the International recognition it deserves.

The Daily Fern: What are your goals for your career? Will you ever want to venture outside of acting?

Kya Stewart: I have a lot of goals in acting, and hope to have a long and successful career doing what I love.

Finishing Cognitive is a huge goal of mine, and I can’t wait to share my story with the world. I am definitely very interested in both directing and filmmaking and I’ll probably have a clearer understanding of which path I’d like to explore further after Cognitive is released.

I’m definitely going to move to LA in the near future, as working amongst the American film and television industry would be an amazing opportunity.

But for now, I look forward to building more of a career for myself within Australia also.

Australia has a lot of great talent and amazing content being made, so I hope to have the honour in bringing some of those stories and projects to life.

I’m also incredibly passionate about animal rights and helping animals. I love animals so much and dream of having my own shelter one day.

Either way, I definitely know that I’ll be helping animals in some way, shape or form in the near future.

And ultimately, as both a human and an artist, I hope to help inspire kids and young adults all over the World through my career and my work.

I hope that I can inspire them to believe in themselves, follow their hearts and follow their dreams. That to me, would be success.

There’s a lot that I want to do with my life.

Most of all I want to help people. The vessel may differ slightly at times, which I am very open to. But I want to make a difference in the World and to people’s lives.

The Daily Fern: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your 12-year-old self?

Kya Stewart: Honestly, knowing what I would know now, I would tell myself to believe in myself more. That I am stronger then I think and that I am worthy of great things and success.

I would tell her to work hard, take more risks and that everything is going to be okay. I’ve got her back!

If you want to learn more about Kya, follow her on social media!



This article was written by Allysia Britton

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