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Getting to Know The D'Ambrosio Twins

14-year-old starlets, Bianca and Chiara D'Ambrosio, work hard to juggle school, work and life. The Twins spoke with The Daily Fern, to spill how they manage to balance it all.

The Daily Fern: You two have established yourselves as successful actresses at such a young age, having been on a long list of shows, including ​Young & The Restless​ and Amazon Prime’s ​The Bay t​o name a few. How do you both manage to balance your careers and school?

Bianca: We make sure to set aside time for both our career and school. Education is really important to us so we leave a lot of time to study and complete our homework. Life is all about balance.

Chiara: Bianca and I started homeschooling since elementary school to balance our acting career and prioritize our education. It has been easier for us to focus on our career and make time for other activities that we love to do.

The Daily Fern: Along with acting, you also share a YouTube channel! What was your favorite video to film, and why.

Bianca: I love filming our Day in the Life series! We get to give our viewers a peek into our everyday life.

Chiara: Honestly, I love filming YouTube challenges. Also, any trivia games that we play on our channel are extremely fun to film.

The Daily Fern: What is it like working so closely with one another? Does working with your sister make your job easier ?

Bianca: It is amazing to work with my sister! We have worked together and individually on projects. I would say that having my sister on set helps with chemistry and she is always there to run dialogue and help, but we also enjoy working by ourselves.

Chiara: My sister and I love working with each other. Sometimes we go off and film separate projects, but we have projects that we work on together. It’s a balance for both of us to work together and separately.

The Daily Fern: Are either of you working on any new projects, and if so, can you tell us about them?

Bianca: We just wrapped season 1 of the Bay’s spinoff, “yA” and super excited for everyone to see it ! I just finished working in Florida on a feature film with Justin Long and Melanie Lynskey.

Chiara: We just filmed a movie called " Slapface " in upstate with August Maturo and Dan hedaya

The Daily Fern: Chiara, you landed a recurring role on the Disney+ show, ​Diary of a Future President​, can you tell us about that project, and your character?

Chiara: I play Cassie, Monyca’s best friend. The show is a coming of age story that goes into the life of Elena and Bobby . I had an amazing time filming and made life long friends. The series is a must see!

The Daily Fern: Lastly, how have you two stayed occupied during these stay-at-home orders?

Bianca: During this quarantine we have been keeping ourselves busy by getting ahead on schoolwork, working out, and spending time with our family.

Chiara: I am super excited to have finished most of my school year!!! We have been staying connected with friends with zoom chats and parties. Really enjoying watching movies with our parents every night and started baking.

If you would like to keep up with the D'Ambrosio Twins, be sure to follow them on social media!




This article was written by Allysia Britton

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