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How to Make the Most of Working From Home

Most people these days are finding themselves working from home. If that is something that’s new to you personally, you may find yourself wanting to pace back and forth because you're unsure what to do with yourself. 

That's why i’m sharing 7 tips for making the most of working from home!

You have to find a routine that works for you! Everyone is different but here are just a few tips that I find helpful.

  1. Wake up to your normal “getting ready” routine. 

If you prefer a full face of makeup, hair, and getting dressed. Do you boo! Whatever helps you feel confident and comfortable. I prefer to get my hair somewhat ready, wash my face, and change into comfortable clothes. But it at least “wakes me up” by getting half ready!

2.Get some chores done throughout the day.

Before I start my actual work I throw a load of laundry in to get it going while I’m getting my daily tasks done. This makes me feel productive! 

3. Speaking of tasks: Write those out honeyyyy

Writing out your goals sets your intentions for the day and helps you achieve better results. Plus, is it just me or does crossing off the tasks feel so good?

4. Set up an actual work space.

This will help you focus better and give you a sense of “work mode” within your comfy home. I had a desk that I used for extra stuff and random items. I organized and decorated it to finally give my laptop a place to call home while I’m working from home.

5. Set the mood.

Setting the mood for me means lighting a candle, making some tea or coffee, add some music in there and BAM! Mood set and I’m ready to rock.

6. Take regularly scheduled breaks

You don’t want to tire yourself out within the first hour or two. After I’ve achieved a big task I allow myself to scroll social media for a bit then get back to work! This re-energizes me and gives me a break from sitting at my computer.

7. Whatever you do, don’t let yourself go without food!

Food is fuel! Fueled you is a better you.

*Bonus tip*

If you are a social butterfly: Set up a Google Hangouts or Zoom with coworkers/friends so you don’t feel alone! We are all in this together and anything goes right now. 

As we all tread these new grounds we will eventually figure out what works best for our personality. Maybe morning time may not even be your thing. Do what is best for your creative mojo, maybe nights are your jam. Being home can be an incredible thing! Make sure you are taking care of you and staying safe!

This article was written by Reyna Pizarro

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