Hulu's Top 8 Shows & Movies

Times may be tough, but choosing what to watch on Hulu doesn’t have to be. Between working from home, attending Zoom classes and worrying about a pandemic, stressing about what to watch should not be on the agenda. So, I present you with my top 8 suggestions for shows/movies to enjoy on Hulu this Spring.

Number 8: The Golden State Killer: It's Not Over (TV14) The Golden State Killer is a 4 part documentary series by Investigation Discovery that goes in depth to analyze the motives and theories of the elusive killer. It also features interviews with survivors, giving them a chance to tell their stories.

Overall it was an easy show to watch despite the heavy topic. Definitely a must-watch for you murderinos!

Number 7: A Simple Favor (R) A Simple Favor stars Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively in a comedy-thriller as a popular vlogger seeks to find out what happened to her best friend who has gone missing. The film is fast paced and a perfect watch to take your mind off of things as you’ll be busy trying to figure out what exactly is happening.

Number 6: This is Us (TV14) It seems like almost everyone has watched This is Us, but if you haven't now is your chance. The dramedy from NBC guarantees you’ll change how you think about those around you as you get hooked on the stories of the Pearson family. There are currently 4 seasons and are greenlit for 2 more, so now is a perfect opportunity to see what everyone has been raving about.

Number 5: Portrait of a Lady on Fire (R) Portrait of a Lady on Fire takes place in 18th century France, where a young painter is commissioned to paint a wedding portrait of the bride to be. As days pass on, the two women grow closer and closer. The film won best screenplay at The Cannes Film Festival, it had a limited release in theaters but is now available on Hulu.

Number 4: Booksmart (R) Booksmart is a comedy featuring two highschool seniors who put so much emphasis on academics that they missed out on all the fun parts and decide they need to have all of their high school experiences in one night. Booksmart is a brilliant film with equal parts wit, charm and teenage angst.

Number 3: The Handmaids Tale (TVMAN) The Handmaids Tale is set in a future dystopian-totalitarian society, where fertility rates have diminished and any fertile women is now kept in slavery. This show is my list to finally watch, while staying safe inside. The show has won multiple awards including four Emmys. There are 36 episodes spanning 3 seasons with season 4 expected to come out later this fall. So what better time to get ready for a new season than now?

Number 2: One Tree Hill (TV14) One Tree Hill is placed so high because (in my opinion) it is the best TV show of the 2000’s and maybe ever. The show follows the life of estranged brothers from the trials of high school dating and basketball through adulthood jobs and families. It, like most shows, was a little unrealistic but has THE BEST soundtrack of any television show ever. There are 187 episodes total so this show will take you a while to get through but the storyline and characters will have you hooked!

Number 1: The Golden Girls (TVPG) The Golden Girls obviously clinch the number 1 spot both on this list and in everyone's heart. The comedy sitcom follows four older women who are friends and roommates in Miami Beach. The show is a classic, and the antics of the women just bring joy into your home! There are 7 seasons of the show, so enough episodes to keep you laughing all day long. Bonus: If you only want to take a quick break to refresh yourself Vogue has a series called 24 Hours With where you follow a celebrity around for 24 hours to see their daily life episodes range from 2-9 minutes and are great bite sized entertainment.

This Article was written by Felicia Vasquez