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I Lived Like a TikTok Star For a Week, Here's What Happened

TikTok is currently the most popular social media app out there, and offers anyone the chance to go viral. Users share videos with Hashtags and key words, so the app can recommend videos to people based on their interests.

I watched videos on how to make it big on TikTok, I read interviews with Tiktok influencers and even asked teenager at work, the one constant I took away was that every single person who makes a video has the ability to gain followers, views and fame. Taking the information I gathered, I set out to become the next TikTok star.

I tried some top trends, turns out the dances aren’t for me. So I set off to find something more me. I like the makeup side of things, so I made some skin care routine videos, and followed a viral trend of toning my dry hair with purple shampoo. Even my most popular video collected only around 30 likes. I tried to make different videos but nothing I made felt good enough to post, and if you want to make more than one at a time I felt like I needed to change outfits multiple times. So I ended up with tons of videos sitting in my drafts waiting for me to post.

I decided to make a series because people like to watch complete stories and series type of videos. I decided that I was going to rank every Taylor Swift song ever! The first few videos in that series are up and my latest one is doing alright so far. I’ll for sure finish this series just to see what happens even though my week is over.

Another thing I’ve taken away from this experience is that TikTok takes time. There is a learning curve to filming and editing your videos together. Some popular influencers put hours into this platform. I really wasn’t expecting to invest so much time into making videos to post online. I still don’t think I invest the same amount of time as people who post upwards of 5 times a day. Nevertheless it was a great experiment and even though I didn’t have a video go viral.

In the beginning I was very anti TikTok I thought it was a waste of time and for people much younger than my mid 20’s self, but once I spent time on the app I learned all ages are making videos and they’re fun to make. So even though I didn’t become the next Charli D'amelio, I still had fun making these videos and the likes and views I did get made me happy that people enjoyed the content I put out. So even though this wasn’t my time to become the next influencer, I will continue to make and post TikToks! You can check out all of my past and future videos on TikTok @Feliciamarie774.

This Article was written by Felicia Vasquez

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