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I Tried to Make Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington, Here's What Happened

World renowned chef Gordon Ramsay is not only famous for his high expectations, followed by a brutal verbal barrage that is commonly witnessed on his binge-worthy tv show Hell’s Kitchen. He is also known for his Beef Wellington. After doing some research on the dish, I attempted chef Ramsay’s Beef Wellington recipe.

Cross referencing Ramsay’s website along with his YouTube tutorial both recipes began by searing the outside of a beef fillet in a hot pan, but being cautious to not cook the fillet completely through and leave the center rare. No pressure! As the beef was cooling I realized the easiest part was over and I moved on to the duxelles, a fancy way to say finely chopped mushrooms sautéed with rosemary and shallots.

The end result was similar to a paste that I spread over thin prosciutto slices layered on puff pastry, which I tightly wrapped around the fillet using layers of cling wrap to form a doughy casing to the layered ingredients. It rested in the fridge for 30 minutes while I rested on the couch for thirty minutes before putting it in the oven.

A total of five hours later the Beef Wellington was ready to serve as I felt the pressure to do chef Ramsay justice in my tiny apartment kitchen, and my biggest fear being the meat would be underdone and he would appear to shout, “It’s raw!” Overall the Beef Wellington had a very distinct rich flavor from the duxelles layered with the prosciutto, and was enjoyable with the tender beef fillet all wrapped in a crispy puff pastry. Personally I gave it an eight out of ten rating with the hope to try a professionally made Beef Wellington at chef Ramsay’s restaurant to compare!

This article was written by Anna Lopez

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