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Lily Brooks O'Briant Talks Upcoming 'T.B.S.S.' Christmas Special

Written by Allysia Britton

Netflix recently announced it will not renew it's original series 'The Big Show Show', but there is still reason to be jolly! That's because the streaming service plans to release a T.B.S.S. Christmas special on December 9th. The Daily Fern caught up with one of the shows's stars Lily Brook's O'Briant to learn more about the episode, and see what she's been up to during quarantine.

The Daily Fern: Lily, thank you for speaking with us again! Now I understand 'The Big Show Show' was not renewed for a second season, but that's not the end exactly. I heard there is a Christmas special which is set to be released soon, can you tell us about that ?-

Lily Brooks O'Briant: Hi! I am super excited to talk to the Daily Fern again! Sadly, “The Big Show Show” was not renewed for a season 2… but we still have 1 more episode to share! A Christmas themed episode of “The Big Show Show” streams on Netflix on December 9th! It is wonderful episode that is family-friendly, funny and full of heart. It is a great episode to watch with your family for sure.

The Daily Fern: Have you been working on any other projects? and if so, can you tell us about it?

Lily Brooks O'Briant: I really focused on playing guitar and recording some songs during Covid and I loved recording and being a part of my friend Joshua Turchin’s musical THE PERFECT FIT this fall. I have also continued my work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This fall St. Jude asked me to serve as team captain for Team Young Hollywood/Broadway for the St. Jude Walk/Run and our team of about 65 young performers raised over $15,000 in less than two weeks! As far as future TV/film, I am so excited to share this Christmas episode of THE BIG SHOW SHOW and hope to be able to share more projects with you soon.

The Daily Fern: As someone who follows you on social media, I noticed you have been getting more involved in music. Is singing something you see yourself pursuing in the future?

Lily Brooks O'Briant: I have loved to sing for as long as I can remember. I got my first tiny guitar when I was 4 years old because I was sure I wanted to be just like Taylor Swift! I got into theatre soon after and focused on acting as much as singing. When I was 9 years old I played Matilda in the US National Tour of the Broadway show ‘Matilda the Musical’. So, I really do love both acting & singing.

During Covid restrictions, I have been to do things I don’t think I would have had the time to do before. I really love to sing, play guitar & ukulele. I got some recording equipment this spring and really learned a lot with the help of some friends, virtually of course. I have really enjoyed recording. I have also continued my acting training though, continue to audition and am constantly trying to push myself creatively.

The Daily Fern: L.A. is currently under a 'Safer-at-Home' order. How have you been spending your free time with these new restrictions? Do you think it has helped you hone your skills as an artist?

Lily Brooks O'Briant: At the beginning of quarantine I interviewed over 30 teens from across the US & the world for a series I put on my IGTV called ‘Quaranteen Questions’ to really highlight how quarantine was affecting teens around the world. It was a lot of fun to see how we are different but also experienced a lot of the same too.

While the restrictions have been tough, I do think the restrictions have helped me hone my skills as an artist. I probably wouldn’t have been able to collaborate with friends from across the country if it hadn’t been for stay/safer at home orders. This spring I recorded with 5 other friends, who are all from across the country, a number from ‘SIX the musical’. I have recorded a few duets from a friend in Florida and that wouldn’t have happened without the restrictions. I serve as a teacher’s assistant for an acting class, meet with my voice coach, acting coach & guitar coach all remotely. It isn’t as easy as in person, I think I’m getting more accomplished.

To learn more about Lily, connect with her on social media !




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