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Meet TikTok's Greatest Storyteller

TikTok is the latest and greatest social media app. With more than 2 billion downloads from the app store, there is no denying its popularity or influence. The app has recently produced some of the most popular names in media, so get ready to meet the next: Aidan McMurry.

Aidan McMurry has quickly made himself known on TikTok, with 1.1 million followers and counting, on the platform Aidan may soon be the next household name. From viral dances to treasure hunting there is a niche for everything on TikTok and Aidan found his: Storytelling.

Once he had built up a decent following from his comedy posts, he asked his followers to collaborate with him, his followers send him stories that have happened to them and he tells them to his 1 million followers. With TikToks that last multiple posts it is easy to see how viewers get hooked, they just need to know how the story ends.

Aidan and I had a chance to FaceTime recently, where he told me that the idea to have a fan submission story series just came to him one night. He goes on to tell me that, the fact that so many people view his videos is wild to him! Aidan tells me that fans have said that they will just watch his TikTok page for hours and after spending some time scrolling through his content spending hours watching his videos would be no problem at all.

When Aidan first started out on the app, he just wanted to see what everything was about, then he began making videos and they began to get popular and here we are now with a loyal fanbase to his content. Aidan let me know that when he first started out and was on the rise his family wasn’t too sure about his raising popularity but since then his family and friends have all been completely supportive of his new role as a Tik Tok influencer. Though Aidan has not allowed the popularity increase to go to his head.

My FaceTime call with Aidan was really enjoyable, we chatted for a while and he is a really down to earth guy and doesn’t let his popularity get to him. He shared a story that while on vacation recently he had a young girl recognize him and ask for a photo, and he was shocked that it happened but said it was probably one of the best moments that has come with his popularity from the app.

Aidan said that as along as TikTok keeps its #ThereForYou Page and maintains their current algorithm its possible for anyone to find success on the app and even offered up some advice for those who are interested in becoming a TikTok like him: “Do what makes you happy.. Do something that you like find a nice and stick to it, because if you have something that people like you for, they’ll come back to you for it. You can make it happen I promise, as long as you stay consisted and upload and work your tail off you can make anything happen.”

Aidan says this is something that he wanted, and he made it happen. Looking to the future he hopes to be able to make more sketch style and street comedy videos. He is also working to grow his Youtube channel that is already at over 11K subscribers.

Some parting facts about TikTok star Aidan McMurry:


From: North Carolina

Dream Collab: Tik Tok Star Bryce Hall- Because everyone says they look alike.

FunFact: Has always wanted to be a Rockstar-but can’t really sing.

Recent Binge: All American- on Netflix

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This article was written by Felicia Vasquez

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