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Meet Your Newest Obsession: Spade

If you're looking for new music to play on repeat this summer, look no further. I recently came across a young musician, who just released an EP. The Daily Fern caught up with the rising star, Spade, to talk about her new release.

The Daily Fern: You recently dropped an EP(which I am obsessed with!), what can you tell us about this album?

Spade: Yes I did! It is a self-entitled EP called “Spade”. It’s been a real exciting experience. This album is very personal and all of the songs are from moments in my life that really made an impact.. I want people to really know their worth when they listen to this EP. When I was writing, I didn’t go in with a general idea of what the EP was going to be. I just wrote one song at a time and came in with concepts, ideas, and even song titles that would just pop up in my head. Once I finished writing and recording the demos, I picked my favourite four and realized that they all had a journey and through line. When you are young and going through life’s experiences, it can be so challenging… especially when love gets involved. You can feel empowered, you can feel lost, you can feel betrayed and so on. The main message throughout every single song is to know your worth and what YOU want first.

The Daily Fern: What was it like working on these songs?

Spade: Working on these songs was very empowering for me. Getting to collaborate with such amazing producers and lyricists to help bring my visions to life was truly an experience. I loved my writing teams because I felt that we were all so involved, dedicated to collaborating, and bouncing all these ideas off of each other to make something that we are proud of. I am so proud of all the effort that went into this record and each individual song.

The Daily Fern: What brought you to pursue a career in music?

Spade: I grew up in a very musical family. I started singing at such a young age that it was just second nature to me. It almost wasn’t even a question what made me want to pursue music, it was just something I always knew would be a huge part of my life. It seriously brings me so much joy to create music and challenge myself to constantly grow as an artist. Sharing all that hard work and getting to perform is so fulfilling. I think that is the driving force of my passion.

The Daily Fern: Are you currently working on any new projects? And if so, can you tell us about it?

Spade: I am currently working on some really cool social media content and video content in relation to my music. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do right now because the current pandemic that is happening. I have a lot of things I am brainstorming that can be put into action when it is safe to do so. The most comforting thing for me right now, is that we are all in the same boat.

The Daily Fern: When you are not working on music, what other things could we find you doing?

Spade: Although music is seriously my life and I am usually involved in it most of the time (haha), I really love to watch documentaries and learn about history. I love Astronomy; so I’m always reading books and magazines… learning about our galaxies… aliens.. I love all of it! I like to go on long walks and do Yoga. Yoga is such a therapeutic thing for me, and I feel great during and after!

The Daily Fern: Thank you for your time, I am genuinely obsessed with this EP!

Spade: THANK YOU! This was so fun.

Want to learn more about Spade? Check her out on Social Media Below!





This article was written by Allysia Britton

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