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New Year, New You? Sticking with your 2021 Resolutions

Written by Felicia Vasquez

Every January 1st most people set out to accomplish a list of New Years resolutions, from losing weight to decluttering their lives. However by January 31st many people have already given up on their resolution. So here are some tricks to making sure that you stick to your goals in 2021.


Find someone with the same or similar goal as you and hold one another accountable. Its easier to accomplish a goal if you aren't chasing it alone. Team up with a friend and plan out how best for both of you to accomplish your resolution.


It is great to set high goals but remember to keep your expectations manageable. Do not set your expectations so high that you cannot achieve them, doing that will only discourage you from continuing on your resolution journey. It's best to set reasonable goals for yourself and if you achieve that quickly, set another one, do not set yourself up for failure.


Give yourself grace, it is alright to fail. Life is about failing and learning from your mistakes. If you break your resolution don’t wait till next New Year to start again, allow yourself to start again tomorrow. Extend grace to yourself knowing that you can always try again tomorrow.

Whatever your resolution may be this year, I know you are going to do your very best to achieve your goals, and become the best you, that you can be!

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