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Podcast Review: Two Heads are Better

Written by Kendall Olson

2020 has been the year of podcasts for many of us. Being quarantined at home all day and everyday means there is an excess of time to listen to new shows. While there is a plethora of time to binge and catch up on old podcasts, many new shows have been released during the pandemic. With this, comes the struggle of weeding out the good ones from the bad; what will entertain versus what will cause more stress.

Out of all of the new podcasts coming out this year, one that truly stands out above the rest is the Two Heads are Better. Hosted by Ashlyn and Sarah, the two friends discuss a myriad of topics that interest them or which they have personally experienced in life. This podcast is great if you are in your 20’s, in college, or unsure of your life choices.

First premiering in October, they already have 9 episodes out. Each episode is structured with a loose theme. Covering everything from friendships, the college experience, dating and entertainment.

Although the episodes are structured with a theme, the hosts speak freely and casually with another, and not tightly scripted. While listening, it feels as if you are sitting in a room with two friends, colloquially speaking with one another and having a candid conversation about anything that happens to come up.

Much of their advice is helpful, and comes across in a very approachable manner. If you are a fellow 20-something year-old like the hosts, their advice is not condescending, but meaningful, as if they are wishing the listener the best in their lives.

Personally, I loved the episodes where they give life advice the most. Their words really resonate with me, and I find their humor and laughter to be contagious.

Overall, Ashlyn and Sarah are clearly highly educated women by the way they articulate themselves in their conversations, which makes for an easy to follow and entertaining podcast. Listening to this podcast left me feeling excited about life, and was an easy listen throughout the day while doing chores and other activities. I am excited to see more from them, and hope they continue this endeavor for the foreseeable future.

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