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Q&A with Ainsley Ross

The Daily Fern caught up with Actress and musician Ainsley Ross, to talk business, life and good advice.

The Daily Fern: How long have you been in the entertainment industry, and can you tell us about some of your most recent projects?

Ainsley Ross: I have been in the entertainment industry since I was twelve! I have learned so much about the industry, and I look forward to learning much more to come! Most recently, I have a TV series called "Should I do It," on which I play the lead Mia Hill. Currently, we are in network negotiations as to who wants it! As well as; my new single release "We are 1" that just went international on all fronts!

The Daily Fern: Tell us about your song "We Are 1", and the meaning behind it?

Ainsley Ross: This song is a movement! "We are 1" is about uniting together no matter the religion, ethnicity, or political differences you have. It is about joining the world together through the universal language of love and music. This song states that we can make a difference and unite together instead of playing the blame game of life! I wrote this song intending to take singers who performed in entirely different genres and decided to combine our different styles all together to show that being different and working together despite those differences has an incredible outcome, that can change the world!

The Daily Fern: How has this quarantine impacted you, and what have you been doing to stay occupied?

Ainsley Ross: I feel it is all in how you look at it! This quarantine has given me a lot of perspectives! It reminds you of how grateful you are for the small things in life! It is tough to watch others lose loved ones, etc.; however, I feel that we, as a community, are closer than ever right at the moment! I think it is teaching many the importance of physical, social interaction, and how social media can only fulfill so much. It truly gives me an appreciation for the physical, social interaction. Currently, I am spending lots of family time, playing games, and most importantly, I am applying myself and creating new content. I feel like this is the perfect moment in time to pay attention to the projects thrown to the wayside! I am also doing college online and home workouts!

The Daily Fern: Given where you are today, what advice would you give 12-year-old you?

Ainsley Ross: I would say, "this is way harder than it looks, and you will hear the word (no) more than the word yes" and "you will have to make many sacrifices, but they are all worth it because you have the strength." I would also tell my younger self to always "trust your gut and intuition, and cling strongly to your morals."

To learn more about Ainsley Ross, check out her social media pages here!




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