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Q&A With Model and Influencer, Charlene Laurent

Actress and model Charlene Laurent, who is best known for her work with Maxim Magazine, is looking to branch out into the world of comedy. The Daily Fern caught up with the young jill of all trades, to talk about her career, and her most recent projects.

The Daily Fern: Thank you for speaking with us! You are both an actress and a model, can you explain what led you to this career?

Charlene Laurent: I decided as a kid that I wanted to be the voice of the people. I knew as a kid that I was a talented artist. Writing and reading were the only thing that kept me inspired, so I decided to inspire others once I get to a point of fame. I want to shed light on stories that are hidden in this society and keep getting swept under the rug because they are too uncomfortable. That’s my only mission as an artist, and modeling and acting have helped me so far.

The Daily Fern: Are there any challenges that come with this career?

Charlene Laurent: I don’t think there are any challenges. It’s not easy but if you really want it and have faith in yourself, you won’t see it as a challenge. You have to be confident, intentional and know what you want to be.

The Daily Fern: Are you currently working on any projects?

Charlene Laurent: I just shot a series with Team Playback called “100 Percent”. Other than that I have been working on smaller acting projects and am walking shows for Los Angeles Fashion Week in Fall 2020. Some editorial projects are coming with a few swimwear companies as well. One really big thing that I am launching is my debut as a comedian. Stand-up comedy shows are planned for the Fall of 2020 as well.

The Daily Fern: How have you been staying occupied during the stay-at-home orders?

Charlene Laurent: I have been trying to keep myself busy. I definitely write and read a lot. Working out is essential for me on a daily basis. Scheduling, emailing and planning are the only thing that I can do right now but I also watch TV sometimes when I want to cool down and just relax.

The Daily Fern: Seeing where you are now, what advice would you give 12-year-old you?

Charlene Laurent: I would probably myself that I was a good kid and should proud of myself. All I did was read and play sports. It was hard because no one really enjoyed reading as much as I did but I kept doing it anyway. I’d tell myself a great job and just keep doing what makes you happy. Be yourself and don’t change and I’ve always stuck to it.

If you want to keep up with Charlene, Her IG is linked below!


This Article was written by Allysia Britton

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