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Singer and Songwriter Kurita Talks New Album, 'Karma'

Young and upcoming artist, Kurita dropped her first album, Karma this year. The Daily Fern caught up with the singer, to learn more about the release.

The Daily Fern: I listened to your new album Karma, and I loved it! Can you explain the inspiration behind it?

Kurita: I wrote the songs on Karma in the past 5 years of my life.  Some songs were written when I was 15, and others were written just a few months ago.  It describes the good and the bad of my teenage years, and I think it’s very relatable to most teenagers today.  The songs on the album cover a lot of topics ranging from heartbreak, sexual abuse, friendship, and love.  I think there’s something for every listener on my album, and I hope it creates a genuine connection with people.  

The Daily Fern: What was it like writing these songs, and is there one that you connect with the most? 

Kurita: It was a lot of fun writing these songs.  I took my time with this album and didn’t force any writing.  I only wrote when I had inspiration, which made each song very meaningful.  Every song has its own personal story, making each one very important to me.  Some songs took longer than others, and some describe heavier topics than others, but they all tell an important story that I think need to be heard.  

The Daily Fern: Are there any musicians who you draw inspiration from?

Kurita: I definitely get inspiration from Billie Eilish and Meghan Trainor.  I love how recognizable their sounds are, and I feel creative after listening to their music.  These powerful artists get me motivated to create, and I always use them for inspiration.  

The Daily Fern: Are you currently working on any other projects, and if so, can you tell us about it?

Kurita: I just recently released my album, and I now have a few different projects in the works.  I definitely want to create a music video soon for one of the tracks on Karma, as well as release a collaborative single.  I would love to do a rap collaboration in the near future.  I think my progressive pop sound would work really well with a rap collaboration.  

The Daily Fern: What are some things you would like people to know about you?

Kurita: I want people to know that I’m honest, and I’m real.  I am passionate about sharing my experiences through music, in hopes that it will create an environment where people can connect and no longer feel alone.  I believe that my experiences need to be shared, and I hope that they’ll create a positive outlook on things.  I am honest, and I am real.  I want my audience to always know that my music is my truth, and they are not alone in their struggles.

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Listen to Karma Here

This article was written by Allysia Britton

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