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Singer Kacey Fifield to Drop Remix of Original Single “Bring me Down”

15-year-old actress and singer, Kacey Fifield is working on new music, which she says should be ready “in a few weeks”.

While the young star has two new singles in the works, fans can expect to first hear Fifield’s voice in a revamped version of her original single from 2019, “Bring me Down”.

“"Bring Me Down" is a song about not letting others get to you and staying strong through all the difficulties you may face in life. The remix of the song is more of a fun, upbeat, summery dance version for radios to play during the summer. I hope to hear it at upcoming pool parties. I loved working on the remix with a Grammy nominated, very talented producer and DJ, StoneBridge. It’s going to be released in the next few weeks so stay tuned!’’ Fifield told The Daily Fern.

The young star - who has been in the entertainment industry for most of her life - says she’s also working on other aspects of her career.

“I always have a bunch of projects in the works! I'm currently working on two brand new original singles, as well as a few covers of songs for my Instagram and YouTube. ” She said. “I'm also working on new content for my YouTube channel, Kacey Fifield Variety and auditioning for some new acting roles (self-tape, of course!)” Fifield told us.

While singing and acting does take up a lot of her time, she says she's also interested in potentially testing out other jobs.

"I have a bunch of interests in so many different fields! I love filmmaking and screenwriting, I write my own feature film scripts and would love to produce one someday. I also am very interested in the field of business and entrepreneurship. Additionally, I'm interested in law and advocacy! I am an animal rights activist and love helping animals in need. Who knows what the future has in store for me, I'm only 15."

If you would like to learn more about Kacey Fifield, You can connect with her on social media!




This article was written by Allysia Britton

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