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Singer Lainey Dionne Talks New Single 'Hey London'

Singer and songwriter Lainey Dionne recently released a new single titled “Hey London.” Not only is it a fun summer track, but it’s been in my head ALL DAY. The young artist says it tells the story of her transition from the dating scene, back into the single life.

“Hey London” is an empowering bop inspired by a “foreign fling” I had when I visited England for a month to live with a British guy I was dating, and it obviously ended pretty abruptly. Even though this particular song takes place in London- I've also dated a French Canadian guy, a Dutch guy, and a bunch of Americans and I've found that I am over being played with in any relationship- no matter where in the world they are from- and now I know exactly what I want for myself and how I want to be treated in the future. Although this is a breakup song, it’s a happy one about learning your self worth and knowing when to move on to better things.” Dionne told The Daily Fern.

Along with her newest single, Dionne has two other songs which have yet to be released. All of which will be available on all music streaming platforms. If that's not enough, you can also hear her play during one of her weekly E-concerts.

“I livestream on Facebook every Saturday night at 9pm EST. If you would like a virtual concert by moi in your own home, I do an hour's worth of requests where you can hear me play any cover song you'd like to hear by just commenting it and I also play my originals. I end every set with my live version of "Hey London" She said.

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This article was written by Allysia Britton

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