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Taurus Horoscope: Quarantine Edition

Quarantine has our bodies at a standstill, but the planets remain in motion. The sun has officially settled in the the sensual, lusciously laid back sign of Taurus. The energy of amped up Aires has been neutralized for the time being, making being on house arrest and banned from outdoor festivities a little less agonizing.

Like Libra, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, money, the arts, pleasure, and indulgence. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning physicality reigns supreme. Virgos and Capricorn’s tends to thrive during their fellow earth signs’ season. Like Virgo, and Capricorn, Taurus is concerned with what’s tangible around them. Now is the perfect time to focus on feeling good. If you can, update your wardrobe with fabrics and colors that ignite your senses. The feel of silk, cashmere, and satin, will be heightened under the sensual sign of Taurus. Tap into your creative side and experiment with manipulating different artistic mediums. Every sign of the zodiac is associated with a body part, and Taurus rules the throat. It’s not unusual to meet Taurus placements with a kick ass singing voice, or just with an overall pleasant vocal tone.

If you’ve been avoiding your stove top and opting for door dash, Taurus season yields a favorable time to hone your foodie skills in the kitchen. Get creative with your essential grocery list and pick up something exotic to try for dinner, and an indulgent treat for dessert. In the name of self care, don’t disrespect the goddess of beauty by skimping on your skincare and wellness routines. Venus loves to luxuriate and indulge, but she also adores looking good. Go the extra mile for your body inside and out during this time! Cater to your vanity and post your perfectly lit quarantine selfies. Taurus season is like a diet Virgo season; practical and chill, with less perfection seeking induced stress. This is a efficient period for reorganizing your home, schedule and priorities, and investing in the aesthetics of your space. Harness these planetary energies to tackle your to-do list, with snack breaks and cat naps in between.

(To see how Taurus season will effect you on a more personalized level, curate your birth chart online to get hipped to your astrological footprint!)

This article was written by Anissa Ocansey

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