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The Best Summertime Quarantini

The Martini is a classic drink; a staple at any restaurant and bar. It holds the power to make us reminisce on nights of going out for drinks with friends and family, the sounds of silverware clinking against dinnerware, the smells of all of the different kinds of food being served, and dream of one day doing so again. Look at the Martini section of the drink menu and you’ll see any number of variations of this drink; rosé martini, bikini martini, or a coconut martini, there are endless flavors to choose from.

But what about the quarantini? Since the beginning of March, the idea of a quarantini sprung up all over social media. Looking through the hashtag on Instagram shows endless different drinks in various glasses. From professional to amateur, the quarantini is seemingly here to stay.

A quarantini isn’t a specific flavor or recipe, its truly just any martini that you enjoy while in quarantine! This drink is meant to be flexible, and to make with anything you have around the house without needing to go out unnecessarily and buy ingredients. It is truly meant to be enjoyed from the comfort of your couch while on a Netflix binge, or from your computer chair after too many hours of gaming.

While I am often tempted to try complicated recipes, especially with so much extra time on my hands, this one stuck with me as a new regular because of its simplicity, tart but sweet taste, and of course the added vitamin C from the orange juice is reassuring for its immunity boosting properties (not that any persuasion is really needed for this yummy drink!).

Heres the recipe I’ve been using:

- 2oz Orange Juice

- 1 Shot of Vodka

  • 1 Oz of triple Sec

  • 2-3 ice cubes if desired

An optional orange slice for garnish

  • put them in a cocktail shaker and mix to the level desired.

  • Enjoy and add a quick picture on your instagram feed to let your friends and followers know you’re finding a way to enjoy yourself!

Let us know what kind of quarantinis you’ve been enjoying this past few months! Which one is your favorite?

This article was written by Kendall Olson

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