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Planning a Vacay With Travel Blogger Alex Floyd

I have been following Alex Floyd on instagram for some time now, and as someone who wants to travel more, her posts give me some serious FOMO! The Daily Fern recently caught up with Alex, to talk about travel, and things to keep in mind when booking a trip.

The Daily Fern: Anyone who follows you on Instagram can see that you LOVE to travel ! When did you first start traveling ?

Alex Floyd: You are  right, traveling is my passion. Ironically, I  did not begin traveling until 2012. Not until I was 21. I grew up very humble and it wasn't  until I could afford it on my own did I start going.

The Daily Fern: Do you have any advise for anyone looking to book a vacation on a budget ?

Alex Floyd: You have to start with a budget. I think that is everyone's downfall when it comes to traveling. If you don't have budget set aside for a specific trip, you will never go. The "extra" money you think  you have will go towards things like a flat tire, "oh my kid needs braces,' etc. If it is not designated for travel, it will most likely not go to travel.

The Daily Fern: What are some tips for anyone leaving the country?

Alex Floyd: Know where you are going. is it safe? who are you going with? Me personally, I am not going to take a girls trip somewhere that even has 50% chance of it being an unsafe country. Safety is key for me. That is why I don't stay in air bnbs. Especially out of the country where I have never been. I stay at a branded  hotel because there's so much security. Example: we stayed in a Marriott hotel recently where they check your ID and and keycard every time you enter the hotel. I think that is very important.

The Daily Fern: have you ever had any mishaps or problems while traveling ?

Alex Floyd: To be honest, only flight delays. & Delta smashing my luggage. So those are  really airport mishaps. I think we are very lucky when it has came to that & I think it is because we always plan very well & stay in safe places.

The Daily Fern: can you recall your favorite destination and why?

Alex Floyd: I think all of the places I have ever been are my favorite because they allow me to day dream back to that trip as if it was yesterday. Cabo is special to us because we have been every year for the last 8 years. Maldives is special because it was so surreal. Maui is special because it's the place you go and all your worries wash away. I can go on and on.

The Daily Fern: Finally, what are some items or products you CANNOT travel without. 

Alex Floyd:Comfortable shoes/sandals. I know this sounds like a no brainer, but there is a fine line between fashion and comfortability. I will always choose the latter. 

If you would like to keep up with Alex, be sure to follow her on social media!



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