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Top 7 True Crime Podcasts: When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Number Seven: “To Live And Die In LA” with Neil Strauss

In 2018 actress, Adea Shibani went missing. Rolling Stone journalist Strauss dives into this case that will leave the listener on the edge of their seat desperate to know what will happen next. The ups, downs, questions and shocking reveal is what makes this podcast a top listen in the True Crime genre.

Number Six: “Serial” with Sarah Koenig

Each season goes through a story, and every episode breaks down a piece of that story. Koenig, learns the details of the story each episode along with her audience. This long and in depth look at various crimes is chronological and it is highly recommended that it is listened to chronologically starting at Episode 1. The first season follows the murder of Hae Min Lee, and then has two following seasons which look into various cases that come through a court house and the Bowe Bergdahl’s story who was held captive by the Taliban. Sadly, this Blockbuster podcast ended in 2018; however, if looking for a new true crime podcast this one is sure to be added to the podcast library.

Number Five: “Assassinations” with Kate Leonard and Bill Thomas

This dynamic duo looks into historical murders that had a dramatic effect on the world and the course of history. This is a bit alternative compared to most categorized true crime, but the narrow observation of tragic historical effects, what aspects they altered and how makes it a podcast for the history buff with an intrigued mind.

Number Four: “The Teacher’s Pet” with The Australian’s Hedley Thomas

This podcast takes a deep dive into the unsolved case of missing Lyn Dawson almost 40 years later. Lyn was an everyday wife and mother, married to footballer, Chris Dawson, living together in Sydney, Australia. It was a ‘perfect life’ until Lyn goes missing. Thomas’ search into this cold case brought about dark secrets, crazy discoveries and NEW EVIDENCE. As a result of this podcast, Lyn’s case will be soon headed to trial. If in the mood for a crazy adventure, twists and turns, then buckle up because this is a must listen podcast.

Number Three: “Someone Knows Something” with David Ridgen

When a case goes cold, it means that the unsolved case will be reopened upon new evidence being revealed. Ridgen is an investigative journalist that searches for the new evidence for cold cases by partnering with the victims’ family, interviewing suspects and working to solve the cases that have gone cold. For those who are into a good crime drama and love to try to solve a good mystery this podcast will bring out your inner Nancy Drew.

Number Two: “Criminal” with Phoebe Judge

Have you ever wondered why a criminal commits crime? Or why they behave as they do with a lack of humanity? Then this is the podcast for you. Judge does not cover the crime, rather she discusses the criminal and the person behind the crimes. Every crime discussed in this podcast is evaluated based on the sociological and physiological aspects that hold an influence the cases. So, if you desire to understand what causes crimes and behaviors this podcast will definitely be the cup of tea.

Number One: “My Favorite Murder” with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Kilgariff and Hardstark are lifelong true crime fans who spend the episodes telling each other about their favorite murders. Overall this is one of the most popular and well known podcasts in the true crime genre. The duo also has recently made a point to discuss current political issues and advocating for mental health. It truly feels like sitting with a few friends sharing crime stories and talking about life while hanging out in a coffee shop. This podcast is a great place to start if one is interested in dipping their toe into true crime.

All podcasts mentioned in this article are available to listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or wherever you love to listen to your podcasts.

This article was written by Bethany Nash

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