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Your Cancer Horoscope

The crabs’ season was kicked off with legendary birthdays from the likes of Solange, and Missy Elliot! These two women alone are living proof of Cancer’s known creative and sentimental nature, which make them excellent artists and songwriters.

Cancer is also typecasted as being moody, their emotions often switching like the tides. Ruled by the moon and a water sign, their emotional depth can help them in understanding the emotions of others. Cancer is represented by the crab, but is also associated with the feminine mother figure. They’re known for healing and caring for others as well as being babied themselves!

Cancer season is a great time to try that new recipe and invite your most beloved friends over to share it with. Don’t let cancer’s sentimentality fool you. It’s animal avatar (the crab) will remove its own limbs if it’s diseased or injured, and grow back another. Make no mistake, Cancer has a reputation for being a sweetie, but can easily get into the Salty Spittoon.

Fellow water signs Pisces and Scorpio are thriving during this time as well! Deep connections and meaningful conversations are a priority this month. Fitting for our current mask on, and social distancing habits. The sun in selective cancer is a good time to strengthen existing friendships and relationships and seeking out substance in others.

This article was written by Anissa Ocansey

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