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Your Virgo Horoscope

Written by Felicia Vasquez

It’s Virgo season! Virgo’s can have a bad rep for being overly critical and hiding their emotions from others, but really, Virgo’s have many great qualities!

One of the best qualities a Virgo has is their reasoning, though it can often be seen as a weakness from others who may call them over thinkers, though it can be a huge benefit when making hard decisions. Virgos are going to think through every possibility and work out what the best solution is!

Going along with their ability to think things through, is how observant Virgos can be. In a time when we all need to be a little more vigilant Virgos are already ahead of the pack. They’ll take in everything around them and will remember small details for later. This is a great trait to have, whether you use it to remember all the answers to next week's quiz or to stir up some drama by exposing receipts.

Virgos are also one of the sweetest signs around so spilling all the tea may not be up their alley. They are incredibly patient and helpful, always willing to listen and spare a helping hand whenever they can. Virgo’s are the friends we all want to have in our lives.

Enjoy your season Virgos and remember to take some time for yourself.

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